Wednesday WOD


Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments.

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  1. One of my favorites!
    I’m changing it up this summer a lttle. See you at 6:30 tonight.

  2. **gigi** Burpee hater..Crossfit Lover says

    End of month for me and just getting back from the beach. Hope to see some of ya’s at 12:30, if I can break away.

  3. I will be here tonight….even though my legs are destroyed from my new dry land swim workout. 200 lunges around the pool!

  4. it’s taken me until noon to have the energy to type:) seriously, since doing yesterday’s WOD today with Kim, while Eddie did today’s WOD with Brad, i was wiped out! Eddie asked me if I needed help getting up in the jeep, and I said, no but you might need to wash my hair for me cause I can’t lift my arms!!!

  5. LeeAnn, I hear ya. I have been there. I have had days when I can’t even blow dry my air.

  6. Thanks for the assistance today guys. I forgot to pay but I’ll be in next week. Sorry!

  7. kim - CFNF says

    LeeAnn, you are too funny! that was a super fun workout and the run was awesome in my new 805 New Balances! Seriously I think they made me run faster! Good job everyone on todays WOD!

  8. Austin M says

    fun day today
    hope to see some people at the 11 tomm