Wednesday WOD


Five rounds for time

1 Snatch – 10 OHS

1 Snatch – 10 OHS

15 Pull ups

Vertical Leap – 1 foot above reach

Post time to comments.

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  1. Aw man….I knew I shouldn’t have looked!!! Do I dare ask what a vertical leap is???
    See ya at 12:30!!

  2. A vertical leap is when you get in a Handstand Push Up and then violently push yourself up so your hands are actually off the floor. Your goal is to reach 1 foot. 🙂 lol

  3. Whew!@ This was a tough one. Jenny…you left me hanging! I was the only girl. Bill, you looked like you have been doing this for years! Great Job. See you guys Friday JENNY!

  4. Oh. Time 19.00 plus (can’t remember the seconds)

  5. Just kidding on the vertical leap remark!!!! Awesome time Christy. I will see if I can keep up later!

  6. Sweated this one out in 11.30…. and my legs are now killing me!!

  7. Don’t worry Hickey, they’ll grow back!!

  8. Has anyone seen my ibuprofen??? Victoria lapped our sorry old butts!! However, we are still alive…just barely!!
    Too bad for the trick or treaters. Just leaving the candy outside the door ‘cuz there is no way I’ll be able to keep getting up to answer the door. Anyone up to roll a certain trainer(s) house????

  9. Sorry Christy I missed today….Don’t worry I am going to the 5:15pm. I was shoving Halloween candy down this morning… I did not think brad would like it if I brought it to cross fit! See you on Friday! Cheri what time do we meet on Houze road all into rolling the trainer house! BOO!