Wednesday WOD


Nice OHS Jenny!!!!!

WOD – 3 Rounds for Time

10 db Split Lifts   (5 each side)

20 Box Jumps

30 Double Unders

40 Lunges w/ db

50 OHS w/ pvc

400 m run

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  1. woo hoo now THIS is a workout!! My my, 120 lunges w/ db….OUCHie! Kim, you may have to hold my pvc for the squats…my shoulders are KILLING me from yesterday 😉
    Off to rub on more Aspercream and take more ibuprofen!! See ya at 12:30 Braaaaaaaaad!!

  2. I am looking forward to this one too!!!! My hand still hurts from when Cindy beat me up so all this leg work will be great!!!!!

  3. Hey! I’m back in the game. I was on the tail end of a virus so this was a struggle. (33 min plus)Great work out Kim. Good job putting that together. This should be renamed THE LEG AND A@# BURNER. Brad,…. Garrett packed his bag for the 5:15 class and told me to tell you Up Yours!

  4. Thanks for the compliment on the WOD but i gotta bone to pick with you!!! It’s your damn fault that I have to use 20 lb dumbbells on my split lifts!!!!! I was tryin to use 12’s but Brad said NOOOOOOOOOO Christy used the 20’s!

  5. Now that there was a crippler for these old bones. And Kimbo….if YOU wanted to use the 12’s how come I got stuck with the 15’s????? After yesterday too….you’re a big meanie (did I show you my bad cuticle?? hehe)

  6. That’s right. AND my double unders are improving. I am up to 4 sometimes 5 or 6 in a ROW. No bounces in between.I think a double under contest is in order soon.

  7. So I need to beat 33 minutes. Care to place a wager on this Christy?

  8. WOW. Can’t really feel my legs. 26:25. Would like to thank my trainer for helping me pump out my final 30 squats. It was great to see my trainer do those last 30 with me……OH wiat MY trainer was no where to be found. So thank you KIM!!!
    Can’t wait to see both of you in 13 hours.

  9. See, Cheri, not everyone thinks I am a big, fat, dirty, meanie head!