Wednesday WOD



"CrossFit Total"

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.  As Rippetoe says, "If you don’t have a damn good idea what your three rep max is, you aren’t ready for the total."  Alternate WOD:


Handstand Push Ups
Ring Dips
Push Ups

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  1. ok, i see what you’re sayin’ Pebbles about never a flattering crossfit picture:) wanted to give a HUGE shout out to my boy, BamBam for the numbers he put up this morning: 350-back squat, 195-shoulder press, 375-dead lift!!!! That is just re-damn-diculous!!!! It was just pure poetry to watch:) “Frenchy” (fred) did awesome too! Yay 7:00 team! and i swear i’ll do a box jump unassisted one day – i’m such a wuss!

  2. Nice Total Bam Bam. 920 is quite a number.
    That is almost double mine at 515!
    See ya tonight. I have been out for a week. The longest I have not Crossfit in months and months. We are gone again this week-end, but plan to do some Crossfit WOD’s at High Rock Lake in NC.
    Will be back on schedule Monday at 7am.

  3. Can one of you crossfit gurus explain the CFT? I think I have been doing it wrong in terms of attempts and such?

  4. The CFT is a test of absolute strength in three functional lifts :
    Shoulder Press
    Here is a link that gives a more technical overview of the CFT
    Hope the article helps.

  5. Thanks RainMan, I read the artlcle. So for instance, on BS if I started at 95lbs for my first attempt, do I do one successful, then add weight or do 3 reps? Then I went to 115, if successful at one rep, move up in weight until I can’t lift anymore?

  6. you get three tries to do as much weight as possible. You can’t go down in weight so some sort of gameplan is needed. Say you know you can do a 95lb back squat a few times. start with that weight so you can get a score. then move up whatever you think you can do, say you move up to 105. if you fail at 105 you get one more change to try that weight but you can’t go down to 100.
    You can warm up as much as you want and take as long as you wanted for a break. so if you wanted to do 55lb 10 times 75lb 5 times and 85 lbs 3 times before doing your back squat you are obviously more than welcome too. But as soon as you “start” one rep is all you shoot for. once you have gotten that rep, if you can, move up in weight. but like i said before, you can’t go down in weight so have move up in weight slowly.
    gonna try the total later today, don’t know how well it will go but it should(nt) be fun πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks Austin, for me I did good. #145 one rep. I guess I did it right. And that is my PR! YEAH!!

  8. well just to make sure we are on the same page once you “start” your round you get 3 attempts at getting a 1 rep max. so hopefully you did not just do one heavy rep and then stopped.
    So it would look like this:
    BS – 220 – 225 – 230
    Press – 130 – 135f – 135
    DL – 300 – 305f – 305
    so for the example you see that someone would have done 3 reps for each exercise and you find your 1 rep max for each round. The f means that you failed during that rep but the next time this person went they were able to complete that weight. if they would have failed on the 3rd rep they would have had to take their first weight which would have been 135 on the press or 300 on the dead lift.
    This persons total would obviously be: 670 (230+135+305)
    hope that made it clearer.
    ps xena…i always take a good crossfit picture πŸ™‚

  9. Austin,
    I didn’t know vanity traveled 2000 miles so easily!
    Good thing you’re not within grabbing distance of a guy like G and Brad who take questionable pictures even when their not CF’n!
    Still stuck just on the shy side of intermediate with my total. 685. Need to find a way to do more dead lift with this dead back of mine.

  10. Clear! Got It!! Thanks! When u comin back?