Wednesday – Rest Day


Joan proves that anyone can CrossFit!

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  1. Rest day??? There is no rest on Wednesday for this bodalicious body in training!! See you at 12:30….game on!

  2. I love CrossFit.You never know which work out is going to kick your ASS. I did the 21-19-12-9-6 today and it killed me.
    Thanks Brad for your Help.I see some real pull ups in the near future.

  3. I got somethin special in store for you Cheri……Christy, you probably kicked my butt on time today! I haven’t seen the board yet but you are right on my a@$!

  4. Kim, Wish I was close. I was a slug today! For some reason, Brad was patient, but I know he really wanted to tell me to “SHUT UP and MOVE!”

  5. Great workout (Run, jump, throw the ball) even though Brad almost lapped me. Kicked my butt by 5+ minutes, but I finished. Way to run, Peaches! Go get’im Kim!!

  6. Felt like I smoked that workout today only to go back tonight and see my wife beat me by 1:30! Christy…even though you didn’t feel your best today, you fought through it, proud of you. Cheri…you need to stop smiling!

  7. Brad you need to stop kissing my wife’s butt. She does not like you.