Wednesday – Rest Day


Ahhhhh!  The end, how sweet it is!

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  1. Brad…yes you may join me on the playground at 12:30. Anyone else want to join us? Looks like another surprise workout!

  2. I got 20 kips today non stop!!! A new PR for me 🙂 Too bad no one was here to witness it 🙁

  3. Great Job Kim.

  4. Yeah Kim! Must work with me on those…I want to be able to do one!! Just fyi…I HATE, HATE, HATE WAL-MART!!! I came home and ordered the sh*t online! Paid more….but it was worth it!
    so….who won today?
    And…I must say..there is no better time for a fine glass of wine (actually, it’s glass two…but the first wasn’t fine)

  5. Glass one here, not fine but mine!!! ha ha ha….yours was funnier. Walmart sucks….