Wednesday – Rest Day


If today is not your rest day your WOD will be:

5 rounds for time

7 pull ups
7 deadlifts
7 man makers

Post time to comments.

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  1. Better watch out, Bernie and Eb, Tiana is comin for you. 20:35! Awesome!

  2. Great Job Anne and G-dog. Great work out 19plus on my time. 139# dead lifts. See you tomorrow.

  3. Got crushed today by Anne and my wife.
    Man makers are the work of the devil himself…..or Pistol. Either way it has a demonic origin.

  4. 14:20. Whatup? G u r right about the manmakers…err the demon part…..errrr, let’s face it u r right about everything….right pebbles?

  5. Right on!

  6. Word to ur motha – don’t izeat a Snizickers protizzeen bar before working izout cuz u needs to go to the bizathroom…twice during ur workizout. I know, I know, TMI…17:11.