Wednesday – Rest Day


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  1. What is the WOD today if today is not your rest day? Kyle and myself might come to 5:15. Nikki is out of commission until June!

  2. Nadler…come in to find out!

  3. Kim Nadler says

    come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The WOD is 50 HSPU
    400 M run
    40 HSPU
    800 M run
    30 HSPU
    1200 M run
    20 HSPU
    1600 M run

  5. Just Kidding!!!!!!

  6. Thanks Pebbles!! I was about to post NOT COMING!!!! Nikki’s been barfing all day so I don’t know if I can leave today. Oh well, I guess I might have to take a REST day afterall!!!

  7. ***gigi*** says

    scared me….just kidding…forgot a hair appt. trying to golf tonight…. see ya tomorrow at 11??

  8. Kim – Thanks for the welcome! We are so busy getting our ducks in a row I am just now having a chance to respond to your post! We would love to come visit your box soon and see how you guys roll up in N.Fulton!
    Looking forward to meeting you.
    Shana A.