Wednesday – Rest Day


Come in for a surprise workout if it is not your rest day….

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  1. You scare me…
    Busy busy day but will try to make the 12:30. If not, then 5:30 or whatever it is.

  2. Sally and Sammy.
    Although the desire to open up JAZERSIZE UR BUTT OFF studio still burns deep in side of me, I believe we need to step back and look at the big picture.
    Kim actually pushed me through my workout today 29:58 and actually had nice things to say to me. Thanks Kim!!!!!!
    So lets do our best to support CFNF. Just between us girls I have made a mix tape of Olivia Newton John, STYX, Journey and Blondie for us to listen to on our walk man’s so we can keep our dream alive!!!!

  3. Christy...aka Pebbles says

    This was harder than it looked to me. 150 KTEs is tough. DId not have great time due to the KTEs. I’m working on my form so it is just not KTW(knees to waist). Have a good one everybody. Tomorrow is day three of my work out cycle. See you then!
    Garrett, you did awesome. Your rump shakin is a real treat too.
    “Shake what ya Mamma gave ya!

  4. Awe….come on Clyde! I was looking forward to “sweatin to the oldies.”

  5. Sammy Macchio says

    it is so cool to watch a love affair right before our eyes…. Christy and Garrett, ya’ll are so sweet to each other.
    Although I will reluctantly stay with it at CFNF…. “don’t stop, believin’….hold on to that feeeyeyyayalin”
    Jane Fonda, Fame and Flashdance all rolled into one!

  6. Nice job today salley! And kudos to Kim M and Christy T. They’re new and still came in around 30 min

  7. Ok I will say it 43mins,5 rounds, crossfitting for months…but hey at least i showed up! Right?????

  8. That’s right J-Po!!! And your kte’s were awesome!

  9. OK – I know I am posting 2 days later – but major soreness from KTEs…