Wednesday – Open WOD 1 Announced tonight!



Ben Squats 360!
The 1st Open WOD will be announced tonight!  Judging will be Thursday evening and Saturday morning.  Please reserve your spot by clicking on the Schedule/Online Store above.
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  1. Nice squat Ben. Impressive.
    Judging by the weight on bar in the rack next to you, can I assume that Brad was maxing out his squat as well.

  2. It’s a day of PRs!!!! Some 6amers had 50 lb PRs on DL this am. Great job to everyone and nice PR ERIC H at 385 (with more in the tank I think).

  3. Excited to be back today even though off schedule.
    I did the burpee mile and came in under 30 minutes so I’m very happy.
    It was great seeing everyone today, hate I couldn’t stay.
    Good job on the PRs all.

  4. Thanks G!
    Can’t talk for Brad and his squat numbers, but I can say he has been a big part of getting me to where I am now, so a huge thank you to him! He even worked out with me today which was fun, kept a good pace too.
    When are you coming back into the gym? You’re missed and we haven’t had time to discuss the Super Bowl et al.

  5. Way to go Ben!

  6. We’ve moved on… No more Super Bowl talk. Stick to lifting heavy sh*t. πŸ™‚

  7. After today’s wod I joked with myself that the first open wod was going to be burpees and something. Well jokes on Jacklyn .
    CFNF is going to kill this first open wod. Get you breathing right and let’s go!!