Wednesday- June 1, 2011. Summer is here!


Power Clean




Goblet Squat 53/35

Supine Ring Pull Ups (feet on a box)


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  1. I love to Power Clean!!! See everyone at 5!!

  2. Jacklyn…this is an RX for sure…like power cleans…should be fun…see my lunch crew tomorrow…:)

  3. Good power cleans 6a.
    GND at 128 and Stringer at 300.
    Coop and Alex are back too. Good PC Alex at 225.

  4. stringer says

    PC felt good this AM…300. Not a PR but definetly back in the neighborhood before the bicep tear. WOD was fun. See yall tomorrow.

  5. felt good to sweat early in the morning. i’ll try to be in at 6 am again tomorrow… we will have to see if that happens.
    great job to the 6 am crew!

  6. feelin like a zombie after yesterday’s WOD…out of my comfort zone in the 8:30 this morning! you ladies are fun though, might have to do it again soon.

  7. “The Most Dangerous Man in American Healthcare” (…is Greg Glassman)

  8. Spider there’s too much to comment on but worth the discussion.

  9. Great workout lunch time!!! HAGS, two more.

  10. Was hoping to get into tonight to do this but I am getting ready to go out of town and it’s not going to happen. Garrett and I are headed to VA Beach to do the Great Urban Race with my brother and his wife. woohoo.
    See ya in the early am.

  11. bsawkins says

    Good luck with the race if I don’t see you before you leave. Day off tomorrow for me – Dr. Sadri bound for maintenance.
    PC 215lbs – bit disappointed, but still struggling with 2nd pull – need to get on the blocks.
    FS 215lbs x3x3 – back is feeling much better
    DL 305lbs x1x5 – see above
    WOD 4.39Rx. Good quick workout.

  12. Ben you know you’re on the same “different” level as the guys you mentioned yesterday. Pebs have fun!!

  13. Thanx! Good work Ben.
    Our team will be scheduling the 1st WOD on a different day other than Saturday as Pistol, Me, G-dog and Stringer are out. Looking forward to it team CFNF!!!!!
    Nice PC MEATBALL! 🙂 Rockstar.