Wednesday. HQ rest day. If it’s not your rest day, we are burpee broad jumping!


Nice burpee form Anton.

Three rounds for time of:

Burpee Broad Jump 50 feet
Dumbell Overhead Lunges 50 feet 30/20
15 Wall Ball Sit Ups 20/12

Post time to comments.

_DSC0022I was lucky enough to visit CrossFit Savannah and meet Coach Don McCauley, who is C.S.C.S (NSCA) for 10 years and a Regional Coach with the USAW ,which is the national olympic weightlifting federation, for 15 years.  Coach was kind enough to teach me the Catapult!  Wow!  Get ready people, we are going to learn a whole new perspective on Oly lifts!  If you are ever in the Savannah area please do go by and hit a wod.  They have superior coaching and awesome members.  If you won't be in the area anytime soon, don't worry, Coach will be hosting a Catapulting seminar soon.
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  1. this wod is cool.
    hey braves fans! a few of us have shaped some plans regarding who’s driving to the game, but i think a few people still need to figure out who’s riding with each other. feel free to chime in if you:
    1) need a ride
    2) don’t mind driving (in your car or someone else’s)
    3) have a parking pass
    4) all of the above
    we have 20 people going, so that means at LEAST 4-5 cars probably need to go too. once groups form, each car full can figure out who is driving them and what time they should meet. from there, we can figure out if we are caravaning from CFNF, all cars leaving around the same time, or if we need the early cars to save the later cars a spot in the blue lot. my personal preference is to start tailgating at the stadium as close to 5 pm as possible (7:30 game, and i want to be drunkish when it starts), but i’m flexible on that timing.
    sorry for the 37563th long post about the game.
    (ps – ben, stacy, hicky, jpo: i have your tickets; thanks for paying me and i’ll give you the tix at the game)

  2. Good job Xena and Kevin. I agree. This is much tougher than it looks.

  3. One word: Yikes! Pebbles said this was a tough leg workout, but why do my arms feel like silly putty/jello?

  4. Hey, I can drive people to the game or I can ride along and let someone use my parking pass.

  5. Hey, I am available to attend as a fill-in if somebody can’t use one of their ticket at the last minute. Not begging, just an offer.

  6. I loved the frog jump workout! The overhead squats are definately an arm killer though
    Thanks to Trey for the muscle up tips this morning. GND is so close to getting hers!

  7. Hey all, Katie has 2 tickets for me for Friday’s game, and I am not going to be able to go. Katie, if you have others that want them, please by all means, let them have them. Sorry, but a conflict came up today that I can’t avoid.

  8. Scruffy, Hagler’s time was 9:52RX. She beat ya!
    Someone got 6:31 RX. Can you guess who?
    Really fun but tough WOD!

  9. PS. It was great to see Max at the gym today. Otis made an appearance last night too.

  10. someone else got a 4:27. any guesses?

  11. scruffs, did you see andy’s post below? both his tickets are yours if you want them. otherwise i’ll have an extra ticket for sale… so if any of you out there missed the boat on a ticket, here’s your second chance 🙂

  12. I am in for only 1 ticket so there is still 1 left. If somebody HAS to have 2, I will back out and let them have both. Otherwise, I’m in.
    See, I told you Hagler that you could EASILY beat my time.

  13. You guys are great burpee broad jumpers. Well done CFNF. That was a lot of fun.

  14. Blake and Michael dominated today! Great job guys!

  15. hey scruffy, the one ticket is all yours. i don’t think we’ve got anyone else who needs two tickets, so plan to be at the game!!