Wednesday – Happy Birthday Justin & Stringer!

Brandon Gets a Muscle Up!!! from CrossFit North Fulton on Vimeo.

Complete 5 rounds for time:

3 Power Cleans 75% of body weight
5 Box Jumps 24"
10 Supine Ring Pull Ups
Sprint 50 meters

WOD courtesy of CrossFit Football



_DSC2402 Happy Birthday, Stringer & Justin!

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  1. Happy b-day, guys!

  2. Happy Birthday Stringer and Justin.
    Looks like a good WOD today…should be fun. See you all at lunch.

  3. workout does look fun……happy birthday to the gentlemen…….see everyone at lunch…

  4. Happy Birthday Johnny Law and Stringer

  5. thanks all! Looks like a fun WOD…I will be with the rehab crew for a while until the bicep heals. Looks like surgery on Tuesday. ugh…

  6. Happy Birthday Guys!!!

  7. Happy Bday Stringer and People Catcher

  8. Happy Birthday Guns and….Guns!
    And a big ‘ole shout out to Brandon for the Muscle Up! That’s easily as important as a friggin’ birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday Stringer, Happy Birthday Johnny Law, Happy Muscle Up Day Brandon!:)

  10. Happy Birthday guys!

  11. Happy Bday Justin and Stringer!

  12. Happy Birthday Gentlemen! Congrats Brandon!