Wednesday – Happy Birthday Heather!


Run 800
30 pull ups
20 wall ball sit ups 20/14
Run 400
30 push ups
20 hng pwr cleans 115/85
Run cul de sac
30 goblet squats 55/35
20 back ext
Building run

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  1. Nice work this am everyone.

  2. check that off my new year’s list…RX a MU workout. Can’t wait to get better!

  3. looks good stringer EXCEPT for the shirt!!!!…but the MU looks great!!ROLL TIDE!!!!

  4. Dude, you look like you have club feet in that pic.

  5. Cool Pic!
    I had fun doing that WOD, Great to get out and RUN IN THE SUN!!! 21:?? RX.

  6. Stringer – your shirt is awesome!
    GND – I worked out at 6am today because I have the ever important hair appointment this afternoon. Working at the animal shelter Thu night, so won’t see you then either!

  7. their called athletic feet!

  8. easy…War Damn Eagle!

  9. hey peggy! ok you are excused from this afternoon. see you Friday or Saturday!

  10. Phew – I can tell I’ve been off for a couple of weeks – sucked wind and had to walk some on the middle 2 runs. Great to be back and see everyone though!
    (20:39 Rx)

  11. Did some DL’s with Breeze today. Ugly but got the job done 380 for me and 370 for Breeze. S
    If Stringer and Casewell take six months off then Breeze and I may be in that competition for the first to 500 LBS.