Wednesday – Golf Tournament this Friday!






MetCon:  TBA


Attn:  Golfers!  The tournament is this Friday at Echelon.  Contact Breeze if you have any questions:!  



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  1. I remember when people used to post to this blog…what happened?

  2. Just so as not to upset JPO, 7.28Rx after Oly and 315lb deadlift. Abs still sore from the HQ WOD I did last Friday.
    Golf is going to be fun: Dare I mention the Ryder Cup? I guess I do. Yopu guys are going to need to work to make sure there isn’t a repeat at Echelon.

  3. Fun WOD today…skipped the deads…5 something RX. See yall tomorrow!

  4. Awesome lunchtime crew today. Damn near all of the Shuberts wodded at lunch! Jacklyn pulled 215 for 5!!!! I’m scerred a her.

  5. Check out JT’s Halloween costume at
    He looks like a condom!

  6. Golf will be fun. I am sure the conditions will feel just like home to you.
    We plan on all beating you down for the Ryder Cup comment. Just sayin.

  7. If he’s not a condom, what exactly is he? Or do I really want to know?

  8. 8am left me with the 40# dumbells. Glad I did it though. I don’t remember my time. The last round was so hard!!! Think it was right around 7 min.
    Resetting my DEADS has been good. Pulled 255 x 5 easy today.

  9. Jenny Schroeder says

    WOW, he is special!!!!! That is all I can say!!!

  10. Strong like bull you are.

  11. 🙂
    Nice DEADS Jacklyn!