Wednesday – Day 17 HSPU


5 Rounds:

100 m sprint

10 Pull Ups

100 m sprint

10 Burpees

Post time to comments.

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  1. this looks fun…love burpees…:) see the usual at lunch…

  2. Yes, Fun WOD.HOLY 6am. Such a crowd and some of the regulars were not even here! Way to go Luke with the best RX 6am time and great job Mark at 7am with 11:03RX.

  3. Thanks, Pebbles! Glad to be joining y’all up here in the burbs!

  4. Cfnf Bracketology starts on Monday. If you want in you need to let me know TODAY as details will be posted tomorrow. We need more females! It will be a male/female team of two and double elimination following the format like March Madness. Entry fee is $5/athlete (cash) and will be put towards prizes for the winners. Need to pay by Friday or your name is off the list.

  5. Do we choose our Partner or is it randomly selected? This is going to be cool!

  6. Shout out to Pistol who settled me down at lunch and got me focused in on my lifting rather than trying to do the WOD. It was a much better decision for me in terms of what I had already done this week, but I had to fight the urge as this WOD was so tempting. Top coaching!!

  7. Random

  8. So I can tell people that I beat you at todays WOD….Yes!!

  9. Bracketology looks fun. We need some more chicks. Pay up by Friday!!!!

  10. Yes you can, or I could claim a 0.00Rx time? LOL! I’m not sure which is more believable.