Good to have the Simpsons back!



Work up to a heavy single.

then untimed

15 jerks @80% 1RM

30 tire flips

45 back extentions

1 mile run (wear a vest if you have one)

Post load to comments.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone this thursday at the christmas party….ALPINE BAKERY/Trattoria…6:30p.m. Bring "gently-used" winter coats for the needy……and don't forget your tacky christmas sweater…it is an open menu…..prices range from $12.00 to $25.00….and the desserts are delicious!! everyone invited!!! if anyone interested in keeping the party going…..crabapple tavern across the street…just a thought!  We will be closing the gym early on Thursday evening at 6:00PM.

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