For time:

150 Push Ups

*Everytime you stop and rest with your chest on the ground this constitutes a penalty. If a penalty is counted, you must immediately sprint 40 yards. Once the penalty is completed continue with the push ups.

*You can rest in a pike position (the top of a push up) but once you can not do push ups any longer and need to rest on the ground, a penalty is counted and a 40 yard sprint must be completed. 

WOD courtesy of CrossFit Football.

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  1. That’s a lot of push ups. I think this is really going to be a sprinting WOD no matter who you are.

  2. I have a little pull in my back I have been feeling for a couple weeks so I am going to lay off the 1RM DL today 🙁
    I was REALLY looking forward to this. I was so happy with my back squat PR and can’t wait to see how deads turn out. Maybe by the end of the week I can give it a go.
    Yea push ups!

  3. did this wod the other day, brad called me out on jogging and I still finished in 8 min and some change.

  4. Hey G-dog…did you see that new study about wearing “skinny jeans” while deadlifting? It will increase your 1 rep max by up to 50lbs!

  5. I did and I think it has no place in your GYM. Don’t ever speak of that again!!!
    On a side note, I was appalled to hear that someone wore skinny jeans to cigar night. What was more disturbing was to hear that it was not JT.

  6. Breeze’s gym?… we all know Kim runs that place. Breeze just stands there and says 321 go.

  7. This blog is reserved for CFNF MEMBERS only! Please go visit one of your “liberal bullshit” blogs!

  8. Those skinny jeans back squatted more than you both. Jackasses!

  9. I need to set the scene for everyone. Today Ryan was taking a bath and Christy over heard him say what she thought was the “S” word.
    Christy: Ryan do not say that word. God will not like it.
    Ryan: Mommy I did not say Sh*T. I say something else
    Classic Ryan.

  10. Maybe he was saying the Braves beat the shit out of the yankees last night!

  11. Ha!

  12. Hey Hey Hey.. Wait a minute that wasn’t nice.. I read more than just blogs.

  13. hahahahahaha! that was funny.

  14. Now this blog is the way is should be.
    Stringer 455 DL
    Breeze and Gdog 420
    Nice day to DL after we put out a full APB in search of Otis……he is fine, we found the bastard after a 30 minute search… in the front seat of Kim’s car.
    Stringer don’t feel so bad about the 475 attempt. I think Kim bolted my 430 attempt to the floor when I was not looking. Did not even move an inch!!!

  15. Great job to Scruffy today on the DL!

  16. Damn Gdog if you had worn those skinny jeans i bought you I bet you would have pulled 430!

  17. That would be hilarious watching his fat ass get into skinny jeans!

  18. Gdog if you keep to this Paleo diet you may be able to fit yourself into some skinny jean’s soon and that’d be SWEET! Although I think the beach may put a hold on that goal. I’m thinking Brad is probably going to put on a good 15lbs

  19. Nice DLs today CFNF. CFNF=STRONG!!!!!

  20. Thanks Ed. 355 on DL and 15:xx on the pushups.