Clean 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments. 

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  1. my apologies for not remembering what “counter-clockwise” means.

  2. Thanks to all my CFNF Peeps for the Bday wishes! It was great and I look forward to another year of getting my ass kicked in the box 🙂 Wonder if people get mass birthday wishes at Lifetime?

  3. Stringer says

    250 today for me on squat clean…275 once and did not have the energy to get it 2 more times. I am gassed from yesterday’s WOD. Good week in the gym!

  4. 205 x 3
    225 x 1
    210 x 2
    Need to work on keeping arms straight coming off the ground.

  5. Campbell, there are some things you can do that will pretty much fix that.

  6. question: i would like to get a uga “G” license plate for the front of my car (in the picture above, it’s the gorgeous black one all the way in the background). where could i find one? i’ve looked in that college station store on mansell but they don’t have exactly what i am looking for. any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

  7. rest day for me today… proud of my client Scott Law today….he did the CHRISTINE WOD ….and did his first box jump on RED BOX..and then ending up doing 42 boxjumps….:)
    also, he added weight to his deadlifts….53 pounds….great job!!! then after I made him do that …we did a time trail of 100 sit ups …he finished in 5 minutes exactly…SO PROUD!!

  8. WHOA!!! That is so awesome!!! Yay Scott!!!
    Hagler, good job coaching/training him!!!!!

  9. Campbell says

    Good job Scott. Hagler, you set a good example.

  10. Way to go Scott. That first box jump is hard, but now you own that red box!! Good job!!