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The Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with USAW Regional Coach Don McCauley is October 16th or 17th.  If you want to fine tune these lifts or even excel at them Coach McCauley can improve you lifts in a matter of seconds, just ask Meatball.  It is a 4 hour seminar from 12 to 4 on Saturday the 16th or Sunday the 17th from 10:00am to 2:00pm.  The cost is $100.  Please email me to reserve your spot.  Coach will only take 12 people per class and there is one opening on Saturday and several for Sunday.  

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  1. Very cool blog picture!!!

  2. Yo! Trying to set up the 1st annual CFNF golf tournament. Looking at Friday, Nov 5 at Echelon. Tee off around noon. Please let me know if you are planning to play by the end of this week so I can finish setting it up.
    I will be using a modified Stableford scoring system. 5 pts for eagle…4 for birdie…2 for par…1 for bogey…0 for anything else (which means put it in your pocket if you have more than a bogey). I will take your handicap and subtract it from 36. That # will be your quota. So for example, if you are a 10 handicap, your quota is 26. Your final score will be the number + or – your quota. If you rack up 30 pts your score is +4. The goal is have as many on the plus side as you can. Capeche?

  3. Gettin fancy with photosthop I see!

  4. i’m in

  5. typical auburn fan!!