Mariah squatted 223 for 5!  Mariah is an instructor and will be teaching Monday mornings.  Be polite until you break her in.


1 X 5


Met Con:  4 Rounds


10 Pull Ups

10 Depth Jumps  (Step up, jump down into squat)

Block Run

Post load/time to comments.


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  1. Really? No comments today ? Hope stringer and murph have speedy recoveries and looking forward to Jacklyn getting back to the gym. I plan getting back to CrossFit next week so all you bitches better watch out!

  2. Pistol will be the one panting and wheezing in the corner. Checked her insurance policies at lunch…doesn’t bode well…I’m just sayin. LOL!
    11.14Rx for me plus Oly and DL’s 325×5. One of my better days.

  3. To the walking wounded (Murph, Stringer, Jacklyn), miss all you guys, get better and hope to see you soon.
    Mariah, welcome, you’re going to love it!

  4. Thanks Kim and Ben. Those were nice comments. I miss working out. I just feel like breaking out and doing 100 burpees right now. (about 50% true).
    Ben that’s awesome on the dead lifts. Have physical therapy Friday, if it goes well I may be in on Monday.
    I missed dead lifts today. Does this mean I can’t keep going up?

  5. One more day!

  6. She was probably checking her insurance policy from Brad’s sake. Because when he starts WODing there could be some serious health risks.