Team CFNF at the finish!  They all had to have their hands on an Atlas Ball.  Final results are posted but not accurate for unknown reasons.  CFNF finished around 13th place out of over 30!  Way to go!

HQ WOD:  Run 5K.  



CFNFLAXfewercolorsShirtBackPlease help raise $ for the Roswell High School Lacrosse team by purchasing a white t-shirt with the design above.  $20 cash, $25 credit card.  All proceeds go directly to RHS LAX.  Thank you!




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  1. That is a *GREAT* design. I Need one.

  2. I want one too. I need a Medium mens.

  3. Can we also do a fundraiser where we put Breeze in goal and allow us and the Lax teams to rip shots at him?
    I will pay to do that!

  4. I welcome that challenge….I have cat like reflexes!

  5. I ran my first 5K today and it felt great(afterward)!!! Conquered my fear of running. Not fast at all but working on that. Still high off the excitement!!! Nice lunch group today. Got to see Hagler too!!!

  6. Top Cat or Bennie?

  7. Nice job Jacklyn! Front Squat, then DL’s, then WOD 10.35rx. WOD hurt my legs a lot after Sunday. Squats, Burpees and Lunges were slow, the rest was fun though.
    JT are you back and recovered yet? I hope so! Hope to catch up with you soon.
    Blake how are the legs after Sunday? Mine were still a little sore this morning but it’s gradually going.
    So just to throw another wrench in the Garage Games scoring system, (and this is based on memory admittedly) I thought the guys and girls both pulled 85 DL’s on Friday. Assuming so, we would have ended up with 30,600lbs, in 8 mins not 30,060 as is currently showing. Not sure if that does anything to the overall standing for that event or indeed for the two days? Let me know if I am wrong Girls. I know Alex and I did 85 or 86 between us. If we keep finding these discrepancies we’ll probably work out that we actually won the whole thing. LOL!

  8. Sorry Ben but Katie and I only got 81 deadlifts.

  9. More like a donkey actually

  10. No worries, it was worth a shot. LOL!