CrossFit Games Open 11.3

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
165 pound Squat clean 
165 pound Jerk

Heather Bergeron 29 rounds (58 reps), Pat Sherwood 22 rounds + 1 clean (45 reps).
Post rounds and reps completed to comments and/or register and submit your results as part of the CrossFit Games Open.


For a rep to count for the CrossFit Games Open, the barbell must end in the stable position over the heels. The left image is close but not quite complete. The bar is forward of the toes and is not stable. The right image meets all standards.

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  1. Stringer says

    6 AM open WOD this morning…21 rounds. Not bad for my first squat clean and jerk since November. I could have pushed throuugh a couple more reps at the end, but I was toast.
    Since this is a 5 min WOD I may try it again later in the week to see if I can get more. Good luck to all competing!

  2. That sucked. From the ground just killed me. Lunch crowd knocked out the alt wod. Good job all.

  3. job well done to stacy, beth, jenny, and ashley tonight! you guys amazed me with your perseverance and dedication throughout the workout.