75 Ground to Overhead  115/75

Pay 6 Burpees at the top of every minute until you have completed 75 reps.

Post time to comments.

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  1. Ooooooooo! Another good one this week!

  2. I can’t wait….see the usual as lunch….this looks fun…:)

  3. ***at lunch…..Jacklyn…u will bust this one out…RX style…also…I can make friday lunch….so we can do “our” thing…only a few more weeks….:) I liked the running and squats …not a good runner but the Ipod really helped….really looking forward to this WOD …burpees too….Almost as much as deadlifts….Glad to see Ben back at it….amd always a pleasure to see Boston and X-tine in between classes…and Baxter stopped by too!!!

  4. You did very well on yesterday’s wod. This is the better one out of the three this week. I am happy to see burpees over running and jumping rope anytime. LOL. See you at lunch, sure this will be fun.

  5. Pistol, Chandler and I did this a few weeks ago. We did 100 reps with 7 burpees. It was rough….from the looks of 6am….it’s still an A$$ kicker!
    Way to work through it 6a.

  6. Chandler & Pebbles handed me my own ass on this workout.

  7. Disclaimer:
    Fun means no du,wb,running,most times no burpees but if any of the before mentioned items are not in the wod then burpees are ok.
    Any lifting besides front squats with the exception of thrusters which, no matter what it’s coupled with, is FUN. If all wods could fit this criteria it would be called JackFit.

  8. “like”

  9. Thanks for having us lunch bunch. So proud of Ryan Butch.
    Tough one to do as post pneumonia WOD but sure felt good to sweat!
    Now I’d love a nap.
    See ya tomorrow.

  10. That was fun…I don’t care who you are!!!! About 6 minutes in….I knew this would be a long workout…everyone worked hard…of course Ben beat everyone….14 and some change RX ….Tom…great job on the burpees…of course Pebbles did great as well as Nicole….Me and Q kind of kept a good pace…Jacklyn…I was smiling on the inside…know u were too…Spider did good and thanks for yelling at me!!! Little Ryan …my favorite client today….:) he worked so hard…I love him and his new shoes…CUTIE PIE….Ed…Capt crunch…good work!! New guy behind me…nice job..that was tough.. okay…three down….two left..see the lunch crew tomorrow…..WOD today for me 31:54 rx….(goal was 30 minutes).

  11. P.S. Jacklyn…you look pretty in pink…just saying!!

  12. Thanks HAGS. This was not fun ha ha. It was fun oh no.
    I was laughing because I couldn’t even get in 5 at a time and I knew that I was in trouble.
    Had to scale down from burpees to push ups at 30 left. Thank you Kim and Brad for noticing that I was dead on the floor. I rallied after that and got in about 10 at one point after the push ups. I have no idea when I finished I am just happy I did.
    Everyone did a great job. See you all Thursday. Ryan did a great job!!

  13. Yayy! I finally learned how to comment on the blog. Great lunch time crowd today. Thanks to Ben, Brad, Hags, Jacklyn and Nicole for pushing me! I seriously think that was the hardest CF workout I have ever done. 5 days this week Jacklyn – see you tomorrow at lunch.

  14. Alright Q!!! See you at lunch for #4.