George vs. the Tire.  George won. 



Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:
2 Muscle-ups
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 2-Pood Kettlebell swings

Mikko Salo 21 rounds, Graham Holmberg 19 rounds + 3 HSPU, Chris Spealler 15 rounds + 1 HSPU (with 20lb vest), Kristan Clever 15 rounds (2 pood KB), Rebecca Voigt 7 rounds (2 pood KB). Post rounds completed to comments.

Compare to 091027

Saturday we will closed and attending Survival of the Fittest at CrossFit Garage.  Join us to cheer your fellow CFNF’ers to victory!!!

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  1. Can you say TURTLE…..that is what i was like today.
    Thank you Breeze for reminding me that I need to bring my game…I will tomorrow:)

  2. Who at HQ decided to torture our shoulders this week?

  3. More like a snail! But still probably faster than Gdog!

  4. So true…

  5. Didn’t think you would do that to me PO. You are a true follower to Breeze.
    You are officially banned from the Palisades Pool until I get a full public apology.

  6. You just assumed I was talking about you..maybe I was saying so true to the snail comment…so sensitive

  7. I hear ya Peggalicous!
    My triceps are soooooore from 50 jerks.
    DL’s for me today 245 x 5. 10lbs under my last pull for 5 but I have not lifted in weeks so it was OK.
    Have fun O-lifting today everyone. 2 more weeks and the boys will both be back in school and I can come out and play at O-lifting class again. yeah!

  8. 9 rounds today (pull ups / dips). Shoulder problems restricted me from doing HSPU’s. I did 75 lbs shoulder presses instead. Those were real easy.
    Going to Waffle House with the kids and downing two eggs over medium, bacon, a waffle, OJ, and a cup of coffee was probably not a good idea. I never felt like I was going to puke but the food was sitting in an uncomfortable place. Not my best but at least I got in there and made everything wet with sweat.

  9. Oh, that Waffle House trip was 30 minutes before I showed up at CFNF

  10. ughh! not a good feeling!

  11. G_Flare_Dog are you going to come WOD again? I’ve not seen you all week and Breeze gets so frustrated when you don’t show up.

  12. Bostic. Hurt my back then came back too soon because I want to be like you.
    Will be back Monday. Breeze is just upset when I am there because he can’t make fun of my nose.