DSC_0031 Get it, Hags!


Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Dave Lipson: 405, 415, 425, 430, 435lbs.
Post loads to comments.

An ALT WOD will also be posted in the gym.


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  1. The Alt WOD is
    15 Clean and Jerks 135/95
    DU and sit ups
    15 Clean and Jerks 135/95

  2. Now thats a good Alt WOD!!

  3. HAGS which one are we doing? I can’t do DUs. I can practice DUs and do singles for the alt wod (200-160-120-80-40).
    Front squats aren’t my strongest so we could do those…
    I’ll let you pick our poison for Wednesday, but if we’re continuing “work on things we hate” week, the alt wod would work.

  4. The alt Wod it is….I like the clean and jerks and so do you…we will see….don’t forget shoes…:) Looking forward to knocking out day three…..I might/might not work on some front squats before class because I have a client 10:15 to 11: 15am….so I will be there…see everyone tomorrow…

  5. I’m going to alt. wod at 10;30 with m y husband if anyone wants to join. Hope to fit in front squats too.
    Good job doc. 200# x 5.

  6. Fun alt wod. Shoulder still hurts so cjs were slower and the first set of double unders were horrendous. 14:something. Nice job, pebbles, knocked it out in 13 and change. And so did Campbell.

  7. Good workout with Breeze today. Front squats 205 x3x3, then DL’s 275x1x5 (Not bad as I haven’t lifted in almost 9 weeks according to the calendar) and then made up Jeremy from yesterday using 115lbs, 4.58Rx. Felt good.
    Looking forward to getting back in tomorrow and going again.
    Good job lunch crew the cleans looked really good after Chandler’s unique coaching and input.