Nice to have Marti-Beher back!  And Miguel too!

5 Rounds:

Building Run

12 Power Snatches (95,65)

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  1. “But Miguel more than Martine.” <---That's missing.

  2. bsawkins says

    What’s the 8 of something at the bottom of the WOD?

  3. Nice power snatches CFNF!

  4. Helluva time Ben. I sucked wind from end of round 2 on…but glad to be back in there. Great job to Jenny, Linda, Kent and Scruff, too!

  5. bsawkins says

    Thanks Spider! Yeah the lunchtime group was fun. It’s good to see Scruff and Kent back in there. Jenny was a welcome addition to the lunch crowd and really crushed the HSPU’s. Very impressive. Everyone’s snatches looked good. Missed some of the regulars today, but hopefully will see them in the next few days.
    Front squatted and dead lifted beforehand without back repercussions so some downtime in recent weeks has helped. Looking to a good couple of weeks in the gym before heading out on a hiatus somewhere (South Carolina or PA)
    JT, for tonight’s workout, think Open WOD #1 and work on consistency and rhythm during the snatches to conserve for the HSPU’s. It’ll be interesting on the time. I think you have it in you!! Really go for it.
    Blake S., talked to your Mom today at lunch and she said you were home. Welcome home!! Hope to see you soon!

  6. Jenny Schroeder says

    Thanks for pushing me Ben. You killed that workout, it was amazing!! The lunch crew was awesome thanks for welcoming me in today 🙂

  7. hey bud, 10:09 Rx…you’re right, felt oddly reminiscent of Open WOD #1. I think if it weren’t 100 degrees out i could have gotten under 10 minutes. THanks for putting up good times everyday so I have a goal. I really wish you could come in the afternoon so we can get on a program together. it’d be a lot better to push one another in person rather than just on the board.

  8. bsawkins says

    Good going, that’s flying. Not sure I could have got that low, last round I was gassed. Afternoon’s are just out of the question for me unfortunately, what with the family. The wife needs me to spell her with the kids come 5.30-6pm.

  9. This is a great exercise to add the CF arsenal, I always recommend it to my more advanced clients.