HQ Rest Day.  Come see what evilness Pebbles has in store for you.

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  1. My FIRST post.
    1. This is NOT a motivational message. I will say, I “MAY” take Pebbles over….You KNOW who!
    2. I am deeply offended by the naked people in this photo! Should I reconsider my support of NFCF?….Just kidding….of course.

  2. Hahaha!
    Just get your asses in here. How bad could it be?

  3. Last time it involved 20 Barbell Complexes, so pretty bad.

  4. ok….yea….that was bad

  5. bsawkins says

    so what’s the workout? Please be quick and light.

  6. Stringer says

    15 min amrap 135 hang clean, push ups, box jumps. 11 rds rx for me, fun wod!

  7. Thanks Stringer. Sounds tough, not a fan of the HPC or HSC or Push-Ups. Box jumps I really like though. LOL!

  8. bsawkins says

    Good workout at lunch. Deadlifted and the back felt ok, only 275, but didn’t require the belt and no after effects. Then did the WOD and felt good despite last nights brutal shoulder/upper arm smoker. 15rndsRX + 14. It’s 5 HPC’s, 7 Push-Ups and 9 24″ box jumps.

  9. After you destroyed me yesterday, I had to come out swinging. 18 rounds + 12 Rx

  10. bsawkins says

    Good work. That’s really moving. I needed to do this one with you to keep the pace. Had 7rnds at 5 mins but then slowed to a round a minute from there on in.