Is there a new dance I don't know about?


5 min @ 90-95% aer:

5 box jumps – 24/20"

5 toes to bar

5 KBS – 1.5/1 pd

(rest walk 4 min)


5 min @ 90-95% aer:


(rest walk 4 min)


5 min @ 90-95% aer:


(rest walk 4 min)


5 min @ 90-95% aer:

10 Push Press light

Building Run

5 Toe to Bar

(rest walk 4 min)


5 Min:

3 Ring Dips

1 Rope Climb

100 m sprint

Grab a small whiteboard and keep track of your rounds.  You may start at any station.  Use your rest time to clean up your area and get your next station ready.  Post rounds to comments. 


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  1. Why do I hear the song I Can’t Dance by Genesis playing in the background?!?

  2. salam arze adab va ehteram daram.harfe delam ine ke man to tamam e anojamn haye adabi dar iran ke miram(masalan anojamn adabie nima dar univ e azade karaj hamishe baraye radiotoon tabligh mikonam hata baratoon 2;3ta sher ham goftam amma hich koja baram emkane ersal nazashtid BABA NAMARDA LA AGHAL BEKHONID DELETE KONID delam az dastetoon pore va in mozde 1 sarbaze vafa dar nist (javabam ro be farsi bedid mamnoon dosetoon daram))mehran