Game face!

Deadlift – Work up to a heavy single – 15 Minute time limit.


5 Rounds 

5 Deadlifts (80% of 1RM)

10 Clapping Push Ups

15 Broad Jumps (6ft)

Post load/time to comments.

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  1. Thanks for making me do 95 even though I whined!

  2. I like how Brad always looks so happy to be there….

  3. Great job Beth!!
    Wonderful lunch time workout. My rabbit is back in town!! So hype about that.
    Spider and Sammy great to see you both!!
    Shout out to the second heat – way to go ladies. Thanks Kimi for setting the bar.
    Big shout out to Greg (so sorry If I have that name wrong) who had a 350lb PR and knocked out 250+lb deads in the workout.
    Really happy to see every one. Miss you Ben. Enjoy your vacation.
    Q I saw your numbers, you’re strong like bull!!!

  4. At least I’m there…slacker!

  5. What makes you think I was slacking? I may have been out of the country working out at other places…or something like that.

  6. Well….whatever, but I am going to be very happy next time you “stroll” through our door!

  7. Jacklyn…YOU have become MY rabbit….last again today…15 minutes and 56 seconds RX….Jacklyn beat me by 45 seconds and heavier weight…GREAT job…EVERYONE at the gym looks skinny….happy to be back on track even if I was last TWO days in a row…Spider ..always a pleasure and Sammy…u do need a nanny…happy to help..good job on the WOD from yesterday….My broad jumps slowed me down…short legs…:(
    See the usual tomorrow at lunch…Scruff happy to see your name on the board…Gym looks great and it feels great to be back…:)

  8. That was miserable! Great job to the evening classes tonight. Awesome deadlifting!