Martine, you’re such a stud!

HQ Rest Day.



OHS 135/95

Strict Pull Ups

Post time to comments.

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  1. Remember everyone that Saturday is Christy’s 40th Bday party. If you are planning on attending and have not emailed me or spoken to me, please do. We are trying to get a head count for food and drinks.
    My email is
    Looking forward to some interesting 70’s attire.

  2. Martine is my hero!
    Strict pullups are hard!

  3. Was rather amusing watchn yall trying not to kip!

  4. bsawkins says

    16.35 rx. Weight felt pretty heavy through rounds of 8,7 and 6. Pull;-ups were the struggle though, had to break all sets after 10 and they were slow. Stringer blew it away. Good job, lunchtime crew.

  5. Stringer says

    another good lunchtime WOD…glad there was no rowing involved! 11:08 RX…could have shaved a lot of time off if I could have kipped. Oh yeah, and I rented my outfit for saturday night, let’s get it on!
    Great job Ben! getting stronger everyday.

  6. Fun wod, not a high heart rate wod since my strength gave out before my breath. 15:01 RX. Nice job Meatball and Ann-imal for completing this wod after a margarita from Pure!!! Great performances today!

  7. my time 22:28…I think…I only did 73 pounds on OHS…but starting to get the technique down..If I could only get my butt down!!!….going to add weight next time for sure…..The strict pull-ups were different..I found it easier with my my palms facing me…good workout though…I felt good for beating meatball and animal but then I remembered they were drinking before the workout and they both did 95 pound OHS…..but I will take it…:) see everyone at lunch tomorrow!!