HQ Rest Day.



Power Snatch 95/65

Wall Ball Sit Up 20/14


Run 400



SDLHP 95/65








Get your teams ready for the Atlanta Affiliate League!  The first match is Saturday June 4th.  

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  1. Great pic Kimi….form looks good!!!! Jacklyn…this WOD looks fun…looking forward to knocking this one out…:) see u at lunch sunshine….I see your pretty legs in this pic…see everyone at lunch…slim class yesterday so hoping for a big crowd today!!!

  2. Out today and off to see Dr. Sadri this afternoon. Hopefully this is just a minor blip and not the 6 or so weeks it was last time where I did the odd WOD and the Open. It doesn’t feel as bad, but again this setback is disappointing given my recent increases in performance.
    Pebbles, as of now, I am free for all of the weekends in June and the two in July when we will win this thing, assuming my back holds out. Really looking forward to this challenge. Who do we beat first week, do we know?

  3. Hags, I just got to work at 11:20am. I don’t know if I’ll make it at noon thirty. This does look fun.
    On second thought, I’ll see you at 12:30. I’ll just look like a slacker today.
    Ben: I hope it’s not for 6 weeks either. If it is you’ll come back stronger!! Stay positive.

  4. well…u didn’t slack at the gym…great job……fun WOD today……my time 24;10 rx……actually liked this one….:)
    Three down for the week ….Spider and Baldwin did great today…Ben…hope u heal quickly. See everyone tomorrow..