400 meter Walking lunge

Post time and number of steps to comments.


20 GI Janes

20 lunges each leg

20 hang power cleans 135/95

20 dumbell walking lunges 35/25 each leg

20 wall balls 20/14

20 overhead dumbell walking lunges 35/25 each leg

20 chest to bar pull ups

Post time to comments. 

Holiday Hours:  

Wednesday:  6am, 7am, 8:30am, 12:30pm

Thursday:  10:00am

Friday:  8:30am, 12:30pm, 5:00pm

Sat – Sun:  Normal hours

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  1. seriously…how long will a 400 meter lunge take? Do I need to pack a sack lunch??

  2. Well…..
    6am ers were the ginny pigs. Jpo and Don did the lunges. The rest did the alt WOD. Both are pretty tough.
    It took over twenty minutes and over 400 lunges. WOW!
    Nice job this am and Doc I knew you could do GI Janes.Robin I think your Chest to Bar pull ups are better than your regular pull ups!

  3. No way I am doing 400 meter of lunges. The ALT looks brutal, but looking forward to it.
    Anyone miss Brad yet………anyone???

  4. not so much.

  5. for sure doing the lunges, see yall at 12:30

  6. Peggy smoked this WOD. Great job at 16:36R. Only Modification was a 68# power clean.
    The 8;30 lungers were about 24 plus minutes and still in the 400’s with their counts.
    Peaches has AWESOME CTB pullups!

  7. Fun alt WOD today – my legs may not think so tomorrow! I’ll try the lunges around my cul de sac tomorrow and see how that goes!
    Sammy – hope your knee is OK.
    Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

  8. That was a tough alt wod…even tougher when you drop 135# from a clean and it hits another bar and lunges at ur knee…wierd
    hardest part was 70# overhead lunges…..22:sum rx
    thanks for being there today pebs!

  9. good job RX Sammy. Hope the knee is fine!
    I am training someone at 3:30. Some of you have asked about working out later today so if you want to come at 3:30 that is fine but you are on your own!

  10. Not at All So nice not having him around!

  11. Gdog so do you a pebbles run this gym now…when did you get clients? Is this practice so we can open up crossfit scaled?

  12. Thanks Gdog! I may come in and do a little bit of skill work.
    I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!

  13. Brad & Pistol who?? The word on the street is that Hicky is taking over the gym as the Sr. Trainer in charge. That’s just what I heard anyway…..I’m not one to spread rumors though!

  14. Scoob
    I think I need to set the record straight. Pebbles wrote the last post about 3:30 on my computer. In no way will I train people at 3:30, although I should not need to…I believe I am the only CFNF member who is not a certified level on trainer.
    Jpo I am close to finalizing a deal for Cross Fit Scaled. I think it will be a hit and if you are a certified level one trainer you can’t even set foot in the gym.

  15. We’re gone 1 day…

  16. Dude, why do you not have a cert? I thought you were hardcore.

  17. Fun workout today Pebbles! Peggy finished this in record time! Well done! Enjoyed working out with Andy and GND. Those overhead lunges were HARD!.. See you guys tomorrow

  18. I really enjoyed my front row VIP parking spot today…

  19. 400M lunge walk
    343 steps

  20. enjoy it while you can!

  21. Today, I had the opportunity to work out at CF Cleveland.
    50 Clean and Jerks ( 135#) for time. 6:43 min.
    Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.

  22. one day and the natives are restless and taking over. you better hurry up and come back. 🙂