Three rounds for time of:
50 pound dumbbell Thruster, 15 reps
30 GHD situps

Rebecca Voigt 5:45 (35lb db), Mikko Salo 5:53, Kristan Clever 6:03 (35lb db), Miranda Oldroyd 11:13 (40lb db). Post time to comments.


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  1. Worked on DL today. Did all sets in 5’s except a set of 3 at 225. Got to 245 for 5. Hope to go up 10 lbs next week.
    Cool little metcon today!

  2. Day off today. Way to work that rope Ben! No leg wrap?

  3. USA!

  4. So anyone else checking out the never ending tennis match going on today?

  5. I opted for getting my nails done and a pedicure today at lunch…..sometimes I am a girl!!…..will be training a client at 4pm so will do this workout then….looks like a quick one..thank goodness after yesterday’s WOD….will post time…:)

  6. HQ Wod with 40lb db’s. 9:42Rx!

  7. Stringer says

    see yall at 5…looks fun.

  8. Fun workout! 1/2 hour later and I think I have finally stopped sweating.. I reallllly need to learn how to do DUs!