Raul Nice lift, Raul!

Strength Bias rest day.  Come see what's on the board.


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  1. Going to take the rest day. Was in the mood to O-lift but I have both kids at home today. There was a delayed opening for school so I am just keeping them home.
    See you tomorrow. I could use a killer Met Con! Looking forward to it.

  2. Nice form Raul….if you were cleaning that weight, Kim would be saying you are in perfect position to pop it with your “money-maker”!

  3. ****Ladies**** – the great news is that yours truly will be the professional fitter! 😉

  4. Anyone around for a 5pm workout tonight? I’ve got some hammie soreness I need to work out from DL’s yesterday.

  5. Stringer says

    Really enjoyed the lunch time WOD today…Thanks to Kim for the Snatch warmup.

  6. Stringer – it was good having you and Campbell as cyborg rabbits! They say that speed kills, but as shown by todays WOD…only if you’re strong enough to not be wasted by the snatches. That was a tough one for me.
    Great job you two.