Wow!  That's flexible!

HQ Rest Day.   CFNF ALT WOD from Mike's Gym:

1. snatch: work up to: (75%x1, 80%x1, 85%x1)3

2. cln and jerk: same as snatch

3. fs: heavy single

4. abs

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  1. Sort of confused by the WOD tomorrow, 75/80/85% of what? Are we doing rounds of this for a certain amount of time, a certain number of rounds, or do you just go through it once and call it a day? Also, “4. abs”… what exactly is this??? (And it should be particularly fun after today’s WOD)

  2. Trey Kubacak says

    How am I suppose to take a day off when this pops up???? haha see y’all at lunch!

  3. austinmclean says

    of your 1 rep max snatch

  4. Help. We need a dog sitter and or house sitter (someone to water all our plants and vegetables and herbs) SUnday thru Thursday next week. SImon? Meatball? ANyone?

  5. i’d be happy to, if you still need someone.

  6. ps i am still waiting to hear from fulton county if they will actually let me take those courses this summer, so my summer schedule is still in flux. i should know more details about that by tomorrow.

  7. Simone….got the call.

  8. Fun O-lifting this am. Good work out from Mike’s Gym. I love to snatch and clean and jerk. Fun!

  9. that’s what “she said”..

  10. ha!

  11. Brant,
    These are single lifts repeated 3 times separately. There is no clock today. For those that do not know what their percentages are you will be working on technique.

  12. Trey Kubacak says

    Thank you Brad and Kim!!!
    Ive never felt so comfortable doing snatch and never thought I would actually make it to bodyweight! I owe it all to y’all two!