Tuesday – WOD

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Pebbles & Kim working on their form at the Olympic Lifting Cert with Coach Mike Burgener and hosted by CrossFit Atlanta.

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

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  1. great job morning crew! hickey you and your dad – well done! i love that phrase – so much more civilized than good job! big ups to mike who put up huge numbers – very impressive. thanks kim for the encouraging words. i’m missing you pebbles!!

  2. Hey Xena! I have been working out at odd times lately. As soon as school starts, I will be back at 7am. That is next week! Miss you too.

  3. Checked my Google spreadsheet and set a new PR on Back Squat 5×5 (305#).
    Xena, thanks for the praise.
    I really appreciate all the encouragement.

  4. Nice workout! Back from 10-days out of town, look forward to seeing the crew – might be a pukie though … too many libations while away.

  5. Way to go Micheal. Awesome job at 305#.
    My squats need a lot of work. Got to 155 but was using my back too much so I bacled down to 148.
    Way to go Xena at 117# and I hear Hicky has a new PR. Nice!!!
    Kami, great job. Enoyed working in with you. Good luck tonight everyone.

  6. Gigi...Burpee hater..all forms and variations says

    Nice workout to ease back into. down from my last back squat (123 vs. 117) but i’m all good with that!
    Thanks for not killing me today!
    Great to be back! Pebbles… you make those squats look sooo easy! Awesome #’s!
    Kimbo…see you tomorrow???

  7. I like all the pictures of the OLY Cert! It’s even cooler that Pebbles got to work out with Phil Stacy from American Idol a couple seasons ago.
    G, I hope you didn’t mind him checkin out your lady’s backside. Because by the looks of the picture he’s getting woosy over it!

  8. Hey Hoss. Great number you put up today. I am sure it was at the top of our board. 345 for 5…WOW!

  9. Thanks for the props Pebbles…I was a hair shy of 345, but I’ll take 315…now, to focus on our endurance drills and I’ll have the total package (sans the golf game Breeze has, GDog and I aren’t liking him very much)…When you see Hicky do the 12 Days of Christmas in 31 mins…and it takes you 64…not that I could ever do that in 31 minutes…but a guy can dream can’t he? Strong like bull, quick like cat!