Tuesday WOD


3 Rounds for Time

400 m run

12 Pull Ups

21 KB Swings

10 Box Jumps

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  1. Morning ya’ll! Still assessing the knee..it ain’t good. Anywhowho..I will at least send the hubby today, Kim. Missed you both at din din last night. Fabdelish…cornmeal dusted tilapia over spicy black beans with freshly made pico de galo.

  2. For those that care….I have now beaten my wife two days in a row! Gonna let her win next time though in fear that she may quit. Looking forward to tomorrow 8 am class for our pre-turkey workout…should be a doozy!

  3. Go Brad! See you in the AM! Jenny????Bill???? Anyone going to join us?
    Cheri, hope your knee is better.
    Looking forward to 4 days of rest so I can come back and kick butt Monday.Seriously.

  4. Brad cheated….

  5. Way to go Brad! Kim you are slacking!
    Today all that came out of Brad’s mouth was encouragement and support during the workout.. It was the most amazing thing and music to my ears.
    As I drove away from the gym I wiped a tear from my face and thought to myself “Holiday wishes really do come true”. I then turned away from my wife, wept silently and drove home.

  6. I can’t train with a Cheater!

  7. Oh yeah! I am ready for the pre-Turkey workout and Carrie will also be joing us…so is it 8a instead of 7a?

  8. Garrett, your a fish stick….