Tuesday – WOD


Happy Birthday Sarah!

Push jerk 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments.

"Intro to the Low Bar Back Squat", Mark Rippetoe filmed by Again Faster – video [wmv] [mov], courtesy of CrossFit.com.

NOTICE: No 4:30 pm class this Friday.  Join us at the Paintball Atlanta Fields off Shiloh Rd at 5:00pm for a private party to celebrate Jonah’s Birthday.  Click on link at right for details.

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  1. Thanks for the B-day wishes. See you at 11:30!

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah!!
    I’ve got alot going on but hoping to be seen at 11:30 or 5’ish.
    p.s. weeeeeeee bit sore after yesterday…ouchie

  3. O.K., I guess I won’t be at the Friday 4:30 class. Will try for the 12:30 class or maybe next week. Hopefully I will be there tomorrow. Adios (that’s Romanian for ”thank you”). – Ed –

  4. Happy Bday Sarah.
    Hope you have a great day and that you get to do an extra special work out at the gym.
    You are coming into the gym……right???

  5. Miss ya’ll from the last frontier!
    Pretty glad I am Crossfit after three days of throwing heavy weight fly rigs for 12 hours per day…..oh an occasionally (more like often) wrestling in a 15-25 lb lunker on fly gear. Never knew fishing could be this much exercise. Thought I would need to do a couple of WOD’s but instead, I’ll just keep throwing and pulling.
    See ya’ll when I get back on Saturday.
    Happy b-day Sarah.

  6. Well, it was my off day but I see we are push jerking! See ya at 6pm.
    Happy Birthday Sarah.

  7. Hahaha…. Pebbles, Kim said the exact same thing this morning!

  8. Yo Pebbles, class starts at 5:30 not 6! Good work today everyone. Sarah, the birthday girl, is a beast! She moved some serious weight! And Hicky, I think you’re on the juice or something!

  9. P.S. We miss you Kamilah! Peggy, where r u?

  10. Austin, Safe travels! Oh and yeah, if anybody wants a CrossFit Chix shirt that says “Elite Snatch” let me know by tonight.

  11. Jpo. Thanks for giving me the shirt off your back. What a friend.
    Had fun tonight! We were pushing a lot of weight. Mine was mostly being thrown to the floor!
    Way to go 5:30 men and women.
    Nick you are close to that MU!
    Has anyone seen Stanley dance? He can get jiggy with it fo sho.
    See ya tomorrow.