Tuesday – WOD


This is how happy we were about Murph and our pull up bars being freshly painted……

Front Squat 10-10-10-10-10 reps

Post loads to comments.

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  1. Lovely Picture.
    I went to the CF Atlanta site and they have 4 articles on how to prevent, treat and train with ripped hands. Looks like it is from someone out of NY. Good stuff.

  2. That is an AWESOME picture.

  3. Breeze…were you drinking and posting last night? Looks like you may have had one (or ten) in this pic!
    I think it’s a 11:30 day, right?

  4. Awesome pic.
    Love this work out. Will probably not get to do it today.
    See you soon.

  5. Due to physical therapy, I was unable to make the morning workout. Good news is the shoulder and lat are progressively healing which may open up the possibility of competing in the upcoming Fight Gone Bad Challenge.
    Did the workout at Anytime Fitness by my parent’s house on a free motion Smith machine rack. Definitely got some stares from some of the people on the cardio machines. I guess the front squat is something most people don’t see on a daily basis.
    Look forward to working out at CFNF tomorrow morning.

  6. ps how great do my legs looks?

  7. Sorry, OCD, but i think Kamilah gets the “best legs” prize! Awesome performace (duh) by Hicky this morning. she got 41 and change for the whole Murph in the rain. I think she needs to go to the CrossFit Games next year!

  8. I don’t know bout that…I think OCD’s are smoother!

  9. Is everyone pretty much doing Murph today? Is that what I should start dreading right now?

  10. I agree …..Hicky would be great. I would go and support her for sure!

  11. Thanks Kim and Pebbles… but I don’tknow how fit I’ll be after travelling for 7 months.
    Austin, I think you should wear a 20lb vest when you do Murph!

  12. Hicky I tried Murph today and still couldn’t beat you. I thought I had it in me to do a sub 40 but the runs just killed me.
    Im still 5 minutes behind you, but that was better than the 52 or so minutes it took me last time 🙂 Im gunnin for ya.
    Although I didn’t have to run in the rain.

  13. Kamilah definitely has the ‘best legs’, but Austin, yours are pretty, too (but I think he knows that). 🙂 That picture is awesome – Brad looks too funny.
    Hicky has to do the CF Games next year – she would be awesome. How fun would it be to get a group out there supporting our CFNFers?! (OCD – aren’t you doing them also?)
    Once again, it is soooooo good to be back working out with everyone! Am I ever going to see Pebbles and G-dog?!

  14. Uuummmmm…..Breeze,
    this picture will come back to haunt you! Air Guitar? really?
    Austin, your legs do look pretty.
    Out in San Diego… doin’ the WOD tomm. morn at CF San Diego. Will give some props to the A-town!

  15. sammy and spider wrecking it in La Jolla, CA. Breeze…what chord are you playing? It better be something from Thunderstruck!