Tuesday – WOD




95 lb thrusters

Pull Ups

Post time to comments.

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  1. Looks like a good one!! See you a little later..

  2. Clyde...FS says

    So we did Cynthia last night. 55 Thrusters.
    HEY KIM….. I have a great idea, let’s do Fran 12 hours later with 45 Thrusters (95lb).
    8:58 RX
    Sally, Machio we do not have to put up with this from her. I am working on funding to open up a step aerobics studio next door to CFNF if you guys want to make the switch.

  3. Christy...aka Pebbles says

    You guys would look awesome in headbands and thongs!
    Fran…11:13..65lb thrusters..still working on kipping pull ups!
    Great job Whit!

  4. Sammy Macchio says

    I’m in if it has “Jazzercize”! Watch me rock some leg warmers and dominate….

  5. Sammy Macchio says

    I’m in if it has “Jazzercize”! Watch me rock some leg warmers and dominate….

  6. Christy...aka Pebbles says

    So I’m at the computer in our house and I turn around…… and my two year old (Ryan) is doing Burpees. No joke. He was at the gym briefly this AM when Garrett and I were doing the kid hand off thing so I gues he picked it up then. This Crossfit family seriously needs head exams!

  7. Long Tall Salley says

    Game on Clyde & Sammy! Slip on the uni-tards and DEVASTATE IT!

  8. Kim the Pistol says

    HEY CLYDE, 60 thrusters on Monday, 45 today and still got 5:22 rx! Take it in the shi$^&!

  9. Christy...aka Pebbles says

    Clyde…your in trouble. I’m just sayin.

  10. You didn’t do it 12 hours apart and if I was 4″ 11′ then I could do Fran in 5:22 too.
    So STFU. I am just sayin!!!

  11. Kim the Pistol says

    Don’t make excuses! You sound like a girl. I’m just sayin!

  12. Sammy Macchio says

    now children,
    all bickering aside, I am givin Clyde some mad props for 8:58 rx(and I’m talkin “male rx”, you know with 95#)….my little bird legs needed 14min to get through those thrusters!