Tuesday – WOD #1 Will Be Announced Tomorrow Night!



Clean & Jerk:  Heavy Single in 10 Minutes


Burpee Mile

10 Burpees at each 200m mark.  (CFNF, 1st Fire Hydrant, 2nd Fire Hydrant, Library Sign, 2nd Fire Hydrant, 1st Fire Hydrant, CFNF)

Post load/time to comments.




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  1. Ben, how did your deadlift go?
    I’m excited for the open. If you have not signed up yet you should. It will make you work harder as you will have a judge counting you every work out. Anytime I’m in a team or we have competitions or we do the open I feel like I just push myself even harder. It’s only 20.00 to join and it goes for 5 weeks!!!!

  2. Hi Pebbles,
    Another good day today. 425lbs on the deadlift which is a massive improvement over the last three months or so. Prior to beginning this lifting program back in October/November, I was deadlifting 335lbs. I’m over the moon.
    I also practiced 10 rope climbs, still struggling to get the rope on the outside of my left knee consistently after the first pull to a stand, but they were better than in the WOD on Friday and I was much more consistent coming back down and keeping the same foot position on the rope and doing hand over hand.
    Then did the WOD with a row. 9.55Rx. Lungbuster. Kept a good 1.36/1.37 pace for the first five 200’s then started to tire and fell back to 1.45 by the last 200.

  3. 425 !! Ben hate I missed that. Sorry lunch time crew, I’ve been crashing dbs and having to figure out how I did it. Hope to see ya’ll soon.
    Great job again Ben!!

  4. Yay been. Sorry I missed that too. Hope they got a good pic!