Tuesday WOD


Ethan has great form!


Hang Power Clean/Push Press/Back Squat


Ring Dips

Post time to comments.

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  1. Its my rest day!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!

  2. Good ‘un! Enough said 😉
    Anyone want to play at 12:30 Wed? Jenny…Val….Cheri…Braaaaaad???

  3. Nice job today everybody!!! Braaaaaad is looking forward to tomorrow!!

  4. Did someone say play??? Do we get to bring adult drinks to crossfit….you know for 5 rounds(one shot per round)Kim had a workout that included 50 beers.. Not going to be able to make 12:30 have to be in Canton @ 1:30 but you can come play at 7a or 5:15……because I will be at one or the other!
    Kim or Brad you have anything available for Thursday evening after 5p? Working on this 3 day in a row thing.

  5. WOD – Saturday Version
    2 – Bloody Mary’s
    2 – Mimosa
    Large breakfast with cheese eggs, bacon, hash browns
    1- Bailey’s and coffee with breakfast
    1 plate of nachos
    1 – 10pc order chicken wings fries ok on side
    6 vodka drinks
    2 shots of choice
    Go home and pass out
    This workout is designed to prep you for the upcoming Holidays…it will help increase your tolerance

  6. I like saturday’s wod….that must be the warmup……I didn’t see the bottles of wine with the lasagna dinner (with plenty of garlic rolls of course…and tiramisu) Count me in on the beerburpee workout (get it beer, burp, pee…crackin’ myself up here!) I’m pretty sure I can take Kim on that one!!