Tuesday WOD



For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

Post time to comments.

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  1. Wow, check out the guy in the picture!!!

  2. ***peek****
    hmmmmm…so, do i torture myself by doing this “not so fun” looking WOD or…do I play a round of golf on the fabulicious winter day???
    btw…YEAH to Kim for also beating Brad’s time yesterday!
    The list is growing!!

  3. Brad
    Thaks for the pointers today, especially on the squats. Any more weight on those overhead squats and I may fall over.
    Kim as alwasy you are in my top 500 favorite people.

  4. cheers! 6:25 home with reward in hand. 32 min and change for today. It took a while for the push ups.
    Nighty night!

  5. Second beer… Cheri, thought you might still be doing squats! G-Dog, looked great on those OHS!

  6. The new home for CFNF took a huge shot in the arm yesterday…but, today was a new day and we are in negotiations with a new space…looks promising.

  7. One more comment and I promise I’ll be done….Kim, the new banner on the website looks awesome..ur the best!

  8. 2nd official crossfit workout I’ve ever done:
    pull-ups assisted – 35 minutes
    push-ups regular – 15 minutes
    situps – 10 minutes
    squats – 8 minutes
    TOTAL TIME = 68 minutes

  9. Awesome Julian!!!! Kudos to Carol Lail today too who did her first pull ups at the young age of 66!

  10. Sooooo do i get to do this workout tomorrow..all this writing about making it burn makes me want to try!!!!

  11. I like the new banner too!! Great job Julian! Hope to meet you soon. Jenny…you coming to 12:30? I promise you will have a real grand time with this workout. Hope you are feeling better!
    Bradley…squats were a piece of cake…the sit ups were harder than I thought they would be though. Suffered heavily during the last 30!! QUIT SMILING, you evil one, you!
    Back to online shopping for me!