Tuesday – WOD


10 rounds for time

10 db HSC
10 clapping push ups

Post time to comments.

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  1. Fun workout. Those clapping pushups are really hard. Good job Kim… you only whooped me by about 10 minutes!
    Have a good time in Florida everyone. See you in a little over a month. 🙂

  2. Thanks to all for welcoming me to CFNF! I hope to be joining yall on a regular basis soon. Until then I will represent CFNF “strong as bull” in NY.
    Enjoy the vacay Brad and Kim!

  3. **gigi**.... Burpee hater for life says

    Going over to visit how the “other half” workout. Charlie is showing us how to use the Total Gym 1700 so I can row and do pull ups while at the Beach cottage. I’ll report back.
    See ya’ll Saturday????
    ahhhhh. db HSC….just got it!!

  4. I don’t know the other Charlie but I bet he’s a good guy!

  5. Victoria and Justin,
    It was great to have ya’ll visit (and raise the competition). The dedication was great, it seemed like ya’ll’s names were on the board so much, I was wondering if you were doing two-a-days.
    Travel safe and we look forward to you’re return. Drop us a post every now and again.

  6. We made it! WOD – 1 Corona – 10 burps, 2 Corona – 10 burps – 3 Corona – 10 burps. See howmany rounds you can get in 20 min!