Tuesday – We will be Closed this Saturday for Atlanta League in a Day.


Love that face!


10 min @ 80%:

3 ring dips

6 KBS – 1.5/1 pd

15 double unders

(rest 5 min walking)

10 min @ 80%:

Building Run

10 push press – 75/50#

5 toes to bar

(rest 5 min walking)

10 min @ 80%:

row 150 m

5 burpees

5 hang power clean – 95/65#

(rest 5 min walking)

Work as hard as you can for the ten minutes knowing you will get the 5 min rest.  This workout is designed to help you get better at long end workouts yet won't fatigue your muscles.


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  1. I’ll be in at lunch tomorrow to do the bracket wod if anyone is up for it.

  2. Work as hard as I can or work at 80%?

  3. Jacklyn, I think I am going to do this WOD program today, it’s the type of thing I need at the moment and we can do the Bracketology WOD tomorrow like you suggested. Make sense?

  4. Yes, but the last part looks very similar to the bracketology wod will Wednesday give us enough time to recover? I’ll be in at 11:30 too.

  5. I was able to get some T2B today!!! Yay!!
    (on second thought do they have to touch the same bar as my hands…in which case I got a couple..)
    HAGS I’m trying the bracketology wod tomorrow will you come and do it with us?

  6. Aug09Jason I’ve been running both bafoeort & minimalist (5fingers) for over a year now & share your enthusiasm. I was a heal striker and had to train myself to shorten up my stride and land mid-foot. One piece of advice that resonated with me was that it helps to think of your feet always flexed in an L’ shape. I would also dig around CrossFit & try to find tips or discussions on the POSE technique (maybe even on CrossFit Endurance site). I think you should also actively train yourself to get away from the heal strike to avoid injury especially if you plan to ramp up the miles.Good luck & happy running!