Tuesday – Rest Day – No 4:30 class on Friday. Atlanta Area Crossfit Affiliate Challenge is this Saturday at 9:00am!


Sorry for the late post!  HQ rest day or come in for a team workout:

Med ball block run

Farmers Walk 2X Parking Lot
30 Thrusters
30 Deadlift
30 Ring Dips

This is a team workout.  Four rounds for time.  Each round will start with a Medicine Ball run.  When each team member returns choose one of the exercises.  Start the second round when each team member has completed their station.  Choose a different exercise each round.

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  1. Wha what! That board said 50 Deadlifts this afternoon. O well lol!

  2. James CrossFit Addiction says

    Austin, I’m looking forward to seeing you guys too. I’ve got 2-3 newbies, a couple firebreathers, and lots of normal crossfit-lovers like me ready to pour some sweat on Saturday. See you in 4 days!

  3. I promise it said 30!

  4. Really fun work out this am. You don’t want to miss it.
    See ya tomorrow.

  5. it did sort of look like it said 50
    sorry kim πŸ™‚

  6. Ed will back me up. We both did 50 deads looking back now it would make sense that they all said 30 though.

  7. I guess only the women at crossfit can read!! It said 30 and Kim also went over the workout like 4 times today!!! You guys rocked though! And next time please wear your shirts!! It is very distracting!!

  8. Hey guys! Miss seeing you all. I have been trying to get over a lil Bronchitis. Can’t quite shake it. I am in serious need of some crossfittin’ but don’t think I can make the challenge. πŸ™ Please represent!!! I hope to be back in action after my upcoming trip to Canada to see my man. See you all in about 2 weeks-ish! Team workout looks fun!!!

  9. Feel Better Sherri. See ya soon.

  10. Hey, everyone knows us Marines can’t read! Now if you can start posting the WODs in crayons and use nice and pretty pictures that would really help. Now I don’t feel like such a slow-poke!