Tuesday – Rest Day


Jaden and Anna showing us how they use the chalk!

If you are not on your rest day your WOD will be:

Three rounds for time.

35 double unders

95lb thrusters 25 reps

15 pull ups.

Post time to comments.

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  1. This was a great work out. Makes Fran seem like a joke. It really kicked my butt along with everybody else on the board thus far. 65lb thrusters, assisted band pull ups and double unders. 22 min. plus. Got another STFU today. See you tomorrow.

  2. Does look like a butt kicker! That’s an awful lot of thrusters!!!
    p.s. thought alot about the muscle up technique from 3-5am…did several in my head. Does that count???
    see you shortly,

  3. I think it does count GiGi! I caught Sweatman watching the muscle up video on HQ last night trying to figure it out. He says he thinks he can do it today! We’ll see!

  4. What is “STFU”?

  5. Charlie ,can’t say on the internet….it is not nice and a from of verbal abues :).If you complain a lot and give Brad and Kim a hard time you will get one I’m sure.
    Certainly counts GiGi!!!

  6. too late…he got one this morning on the pull up bar! “Shut the f&^% up!”

  7. I understand! And I have received several of those. Oddly enough, all have been from Kim.

  8. It’s a Trego thing..they both do it. Brad appears to be nice but is really a ball buster too.I also got the bird this AM, of corse I did it first but that does not count.Brad told me to go run 800M after this work out. Definitely deserved the bird.

  9. check out wod on crossfitnorthatlanta site today…i am used to drinkn stella when i play hold’em!

  10. hey pebbles…..STFU!

  11. Cool Breeze is as dumb as Turtle

  12. I agree, Cool Breeze is dumb a dumb name. Wish we had a video of his DU’s.

  13. That is so sweet how “Garrett the Parrott” sticks up for his wife…

  14. Awesome workout today! I rocked it at 15:40! Hagler is new and got 21 and some change! Nice work Kathy! PR for GiGi too! Thrusters with 53 lbs! Cool Breeze is gettin his groove back with the dubs! Ya’ll better watch out, I’m just sayin!

  15. Wow..you did rock it!! My wrists still hate me! 53lbs??? That’s it? felt like more…….. esp. #70 thru 75.
    I don’t want to know what you’re drinking sweatman when you play “holdem” TMI!!!
    good job today Hagler…tough crowd!!
    Jenny…Sherri…where are youuuuuuu???

  16. Hi Everyone!!
    Out trying to make a dollar…today was my off day can’t wait for tomorrow sounds like you all had fun making it burn!!!! Ps can someone really tell me what everyone does for a living because you all sure are online a lot! And I am always working just does not make any sense…

  17. Clyde...Parrott says

    I am in adult films so I have plenty of time off…..I am in lighting and sound.
    Tough one today. 24.14 Brad did 24.01 beat me by a NOSE!!! Parrott.

  18. Gosh i could have used you today we were short a lighting guy….if i only knew… i thought you were a dancer! My mistake. And don’t worry someday you will both be able to beat kim just keep trying!

  19. Here I am πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    I’ve been in lala land as my man is in the A-T-L with me! I was working in Las Vegas last week from thurs. til yesterday, and now back at it here. I HOPE to get a crossfit in sometime while Steve is here..anyone doing the 11 am thursday, or the 7 am friday? I could do 1 pm friday also, if the Trego’s let me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚