Tuesday – Happy Birthday, Robin! Happy Belated Birthday, Joanne!

 Welcome, Laura!  She recently finished her elements sessions and has moved into the class.  Please introduce yourself to her if you haven't already.

TUESDAY 100504


Five rounds, each for time of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats

Rest precisely three minutes between each round.

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  1. haaaaaay miss you kids. checkin out crossfit orlando tomorrow… hopefully be back in the gym friday!

  2. Laura…nice pic…looking forward to Barbara tomorrow…having withdrawals from not being there since Friday…I haven’t said that in a while…I just am looking at my shitty times last week and ready to step it up!!! 5 rounds…bring it Barbara…this type of workout is one of my favorite…Scruffy…11:30???

  3. I miss you too Kimi…been a minute!!!

  4. Great job 6 am! Am impressed that Robin came in on her birthday! Barbara was fun:) Loved seeing my girl, Hagler, with her client/my friend, Jennifer who is doing awesome!!!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday ladies!

  6. Xena….i love you and jenifer loves seeing you…..thanks for making her feel so comfortable…..was barbara really fun???

  7. Fun is a relative term of course . . . . . .

  8. My time 1st round…5:20rx…then 2nd round..5:47rx then 3rd round 6 and some change..then 4th round 7 and some change then last round..my hands ripped pretty bad…8 and some change…total= 33:36rx…. Barbara was a good workout and glad I did it…..I missed you..Scruffy, Dan, miguel, and Martine…I am up to 10 marks on the attendance challenge…still 12 days left…

  9. challenge was for 30 days…april 16th through may 16th…at this point we are 19 days in…..having said that..the last challenge me and Scruffy did for 30 days…I only had 8 tally marks on the board…so I beat my attendance from the month before..it really helps keep me accountable…SO GET YOUR ARSES IN THE GYM…I NEED TALLY MARKS PEOPLE…. …love you guys!! My goal for myself this month is 20 marks..I am halfway and only 12 days left…you guys want to share your goal for the challenge?? Okay, off my soap box now!!…:)

  10. Stringer says

    So when is the next CFNF challenge??

  11. Great job Hagler!! I am going to try to make it in tonight. It has been a rough couple of months at work and I barely have time to breathe!! I am setting a small, reachable goal of twice a week for now. I will hopefully increase that to 4 times a week next month. I was even thinking about trying to hit the morning classes to see if that will help me get in there more. We shall see!!!

  12. Andy and I did this at crossfit black box in manhattan today. 24:02 and 22:07 rx respectively. Unfortunately no tshirts to bring back. Sorry Kim