Tuesday – Happy Birthday, Kimi!


No words.


5 X 5
1 X 15

Met Con:  Alabama Sectional WOD:  3 Rounds for time

50m sprint – 10 burpees – 7 Cleans (150,105)

Post time to comments.

 Happy Birthday Kimi!


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  1. Happy birthday Kimi!

  2. heavy deads and competition at 5:30 if anybody wants to hit it with me…bring it! Happy Birthday Kimi!

  3. I love that picture!
    Happy Birthday Kimi!

  4. Happy Bday Kimbeau

  5. Is that pic of Pippy Longstocking posing as Kimi?

  6. Did shoulder press today on the instructions of my trainer 166 X5 disappointed that I missed 176 for 5.
    Did the met con in 6 and change. Would have had a faster time than Trey and Campbell if they would have slowed down on the run and burpees and waited for me. Hopefully some of you guys who bitched about my grace time will allow this one even though I did not do DL’s.
    Happy Biday Kimi.

  7. That doesn’t count…CHEATER!

  8. Hahahahaha. Hilarious picture.
    Can’t wait to get back in there Thursday.I hated to miss the deads.
    My Mom had surgery this am so I am in Irmo helping her out. So far that involved taking her, picking up her meds, picking her up, giving her meds and some applesauce, then locking myself out of her house for 3 hours with no phone.(Shut up Brad)
    At least she has a nice cleaned up organized patio now.
    See ya soon.
    PS Trey, how did we do Sunday?
    PSS. All the Grace haters need to STFU, it is not like they did every WOD last week either!

  9. I just logged on to Northfulton.com and took my vote away from you as the top trainer.

  10. U should have voted for your wife anyway!

  11. After thinking long and hard I have do not have a good response to that one.

  12. Whoa!

  13. Happy Birthday Kimi…
    Great workout yesterday – I really enjoyed chasing Campbell all the way to the end.